Saturday, June 28, 2008


This is actually yesterdays post, and I forgot to publish it. Whoopsie.

Rach got me this cute little set of perfumes from Be Never Too Busy To Be Beautiful at the weekend. It was actually a birthday present (my birthday is next month) but since I knew she was going to visit the shop while she was in England, I had asked for it specifically, and she was too excited and wanted me to have it now! Today I'm wearing Ladyboy, which is a really yummy smell. Unusual, but yummy. I think I'm going to go with Keep it Fluffy as my perfume of choice though. It's sweet in a different way, and very me.

She took a whole bunch of pictures at the shop, since I've never had the opportunity to visit one, and it looks every bit as magical as I expected it to be. They're the sister company of Lush cosmetics, and have the same ethos, natural, handmade, cruelty free (and that means the whole process, raw ingredient to finished product, not like a number of so-called cruelty free products available). You can see all the pics on her Flickr.


Today is going to be crazy-busy at work. I don't usually work Saturdays, but they changed my weekends to cover for the Worldwide Invitational that we're running this weekend. There are new game announcements and all sorts going on and the tickets are going to be insane I'm sure. Long, tiring, stressful day, but then I have 2 days off to kick back with Rach, so I'm really looking forward to that. We're finally going to see Sex and the City as well. Yay!

If you're into gaming and Blizzard games in particular, below are some sites to get info and details on what's going on this weekend. Have a great weekend all, and think of me, hammering away at the keyboard for the next 11 hours!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Speedy Weekend Update

I've been very bad updating this weekend, I've just been in a misog mood, and not wanting to inflict that on the world, I kept to myself! But Rachie is home, I feel better, so on with the post.

The weekend flew by in parts, and dragged in others. I met Rachie on Saturday morning to help her buy clothes for her Grandmas funeral. Clothes shopping is always a trauma, since we're restricted to basically whatever Evans have in stock at the time. But when you have a specific occasion to buy for, that has certain "rules" dictating the type of thing you should wear, it gets even harder. We managed to find some black trousers (in the sale no less!) and a black cardigan, and decided a shirt underneath would look smart enough. Without being too scruffy, or too "not Rachie"!

While we were out I snapped this pic of an advert at the bus stop. Something draws me to the picture, not sure what exactly. I love that she has green nail varnish on, and I've always loved the whole tight-bodice-with-boobs-spilling-over-the-top thing!

The rest of the weekend was fairly miserable, it rained pretty much non-stop, so I stayed in, played some WoW, watched some movies on my solo girlie night in (face masks n'all!) and chatted to people online. A total hermit weekend really!

This picture is one I took just after my hair got massacred (it's really not much longer now!) Kimba was mewling at me to see what I was doing, so I picked her up and snapped us both. Not my greatest ever picture, but I guess it's not hideous either. Maybe.

Work time for me, have a great Thursday!

Friday, June 20, 2008

I Don't See Beauty

The observant among you will notice that I haven't posted the photo from my I See Beauty challenge from Leigh-Ann. There's a mighty good reason for this, the hairdresser did a very bad thing. No, really. I see no beauty, no quirky cut, no elfin-chic, just a crop so short you can see my scalp. And I hate it :(

So instead, here's a picture of my feet, in their standard odd socks! I never wear matching pairs. It's a rebellion thing. My mum used to hand me baskets of socks and tell me to pair them up before they got put away. When I started doing my own laundry I stopped pairing up socks! I just throw them in the drawer (or currently, crate) as they come! I just grab any two socks and go! A lot of people try to copy my carefree ways with socks, but they are merely imposters. It takes many years of study to perfect the non-matching-pairs style.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Let out your inner crazy

I'm setting you all a challenge, to take, or show, pictures of your crazy side :) All those photos, hidden in drawers/at the backs of cupboards, the ones you swore would never see the light of day? Show them off! Be proud that you don't "pose" for every photo, embrace your inner crazy, and let it shine! In the spirit, I've posted a few of mine for you to have a chuckle at. I have more, I may be tempted to post them also. Maybe. You can view the full Crazy! set here.

This weekend Rach and I also went to the local chemists, and used one of those scarily efficent scales, you know the ones, that tell you your height, weight, inner leg measurement, IQ, what you ate for dinner 2 Tuesdays ago.. I jest, they measure your weight and BMI and body fat index. Scary numbers though.

I guess we'll go back in 6 months and see if anything has changed!

It's probably very insane of me, to post this, free for all the world to see. But, as Rach quite rightly pointed out, as soon as I step out of the door, people can see that I'm fat. Having the numbers there to back it up doesn't make me any fatter!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

I can has shower now!

Hot water! Wooooo!

*grabs the Lush and heads for the shower*

Not quite as planned...

I met Rach from the bus this morning as she finished work, and we planned to go to Mahon Point. It's a big shopping centre outside the main city that we've not been to before, we thought we'd do some exploring! We got the bus, and enjoyed the ride there, checking out the houses and 3 (yes, count 'em!) Virgin Mary statues on the way. But, then we noticed we hadn't actually stopped at a shopping centre at all, and were on our way back into town!

Turns out, the bus goes *near* the centre, not *to* it, and we had thoroughly missed the stop. Ooops! But we had a fun round trip and saw parts of Cork that we have thus far not visited, so it wasn't a total bust!

We got home and decided to make some lunch. We made a huge bowl of chopped salad that should see us through the rest of the weekend, and had a bowl each with a Quorn burger. We're not vegetarian (the fillet steaks in the fridge, waiting for dinner tonight are a testament to that!) But we've started eating more Quorn lately. It's very versatile, and we have the mince version, the chicken-style pieces, and various battered/breaded escalope version in the freezer. We even have a pack of fajita-seasoned pieces in the fridge, probably to top off a bowl of chopped salad for tomorrow lunch!

The landlord is due soon to look at the boiler. Five days without hot water, and soooo counting. I need a proper shower damnit, without squealing and avoiding the water! I truly hope he can get it running again, but I'm not holding out much hope. I fear it needs a ... boiler-dudes touch (plumber? gas fitter? who knows!)

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Constructive Saturday, Part 2

After some fun trying to dig half my beads out of the cupboard (our rented house's storage is a story for another day!) I scouted everything I had for some inspiration. I wanted something bright, summery and fun, and found some cute little beach-inspired plastic beads in multi-colours. I'd been considering making a charm bracelet for a while, so that seemed to fit well!

With the office tidied and hoovered too, that's 2 things crossed off my list already, yay for productivity ^^ Now I'm off to rustle up some dinner, and finish the Karazhan run with my guild! Hope you're all having a great weekend.

Constructive Saturday, Part 1

Since starting my new hours at work, I get a three day weekend. This sounds awesome I know, and for the first few months it was, but then I got into a rut. I'd spend the first day slobbing at home. The second day slobbing at home with Rach. The third day scrabbling around getting all the chores done ready to go back to work. This was not a good thing, my weekends are precious! Working 11 hour shifts means I have no "me" time during the week, it's literally work and sleep. So, lists are the answer. Lists, and planning, and being organised! I *had* planned to go into Cork today, browse around the shops, spend too much money, that kind of thing, but the weather rained all over that parade, literally.

So, instead, I jiggled things around on my list, and decided to start by tidying up the office.

This is my desk before I started. It's right inside the door of the office, just by the front door, so it tends to get dumped on as we come home. :)

Kobi decided to give a helping paw with the tidying!

This is my desk after the whirlwind sat down again. I have my favourite Yankee Tart on the burner (Fresh Cut Roses), a glass of cranberry juice, and a pile of photographs to sort through ready for scanning!

The hoovering still needs to be done in here, but until Rach wakes up I can't do that, so I get to spend a little time doing things for me now!

Friday, June 13, 2008

Yes ... or No ...

I stopped to take some pictures of Cork harbour this morning on my way to work. The Fisherman are protesting about the Lisbon Treaty, and the effects it will have on their industry and livelihoods. The full set will be uploaded tonight when I get home from work. EDIT here Was very interesting to see so many boats in one place, I'm not sure my little camera could capture quite how many there were!

I'm totally looking forward to the weekend, and I'm going to try and get myself a scanner on my lunchbreak, as I've found a whole bunch of photographs at home that I want to digitalise! For now, I have 7.5 working hours left, and I need to try and hit my quota for the day *ack ack*

Happy Friday!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

The weekend is looming

It's Thursday, and I'm someway through my working day (in actual fact, I'm only 3 hours in!), so of course I'm starting to think about the weekend! With Rachel on nights, she'll be sleeping through most of it, so I'm setting myself a list of things to do. Both chores, and fun things, to keep me from sitting in front of my PC like a slob all weekend!

This weekend, I aim to:

  • tidy the kitchen, clean the counters, and hoover and mop the floor
  • tackle the washing mountain that the bedroom door really isn't hiding
  • tidy my desk, and hoover the office, hairballs are not a "feature"
  • meet Rach from work on Saturday morning and get my hair cut (this involves get out of bed criminally early, but will be worth it for shiny new hair ness!)
  • have fun mooching round the shops on my own, I tend to only shop with someone, or rush out alone for a specific list and go home, getting used to my own company is a good challenge
  • take my LA challenge photos, select the one and post it, *erkle*
  • sort through my jewellery supplies, and make myself something fun and summery
  • spend quality time playing with the kitties, who are feeling neglected now we've gone back to work after our time off
  • attend my new teams' outing on Saturday, even though I will be alone, and don't actually know any of them (this is a very scary prospect!)
  • call my dad, and catch up with him
We shall see how far through this I get, though the aim is to be able to tick off everything by the end of Monday!

I had an awesome chat with LA today, and after getting over my initial star-struck ness, realised she's not all that different from me! I confessed to being her internet stalker for many many months, and she has set me some little challenges. :) My pictures are now in her hands, and I'm looking forward to my kit arriving and getting stuck in!

Sunday, June 08, 2008

Blogging 101

So I have a MoBlog, and I've had this account for forever, and I figured it was time I did something about it. So, welcome, to the very first post on my new blog!

Yay! Party! Woo!

I shall tell you some more about me through the use of creative and amusing MeMe's carefully stolen, nay selected from other blogs shortly. But for now I shall just post a pic, one that I have in fact selected to use in my Home Is Where The Heart Is album kit from Leigh-Ann Keffer over at Freckled Nest (I have lurked there for many years!), So, hi y'all!

It's a fairly cheesy photo I admit. Taken last Christmas, I'm wearing gift tags like brooches, and a piece of a ribbon from a present in my hair, but then, that's the kind of crazy things I do anyway, so why not!

Today I have also done something bad. Something to which I must confess. I, Leo McKewan, have purchased a Holga camera and a whole bunch of accessories on Ebay! I've been lusting after all of the Lomo cameras for ever and a day, but something about the example shots from the Holga stuck with me. They reminded me of the pictures my parents have in their old photo albums, from their pre-babies era! All soft colours and tones, slighly pinky. Very pretty. So I researched, and researched, and researched some more, and found that you can get a lot of the same gear, gadgets and gizmos as you get from Lomo-direct, from Ebay, for less moolah! Awesome!