Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Make-up Counter Women

Can you trust them?

Rach and I happened to be in town the other day, I wanted some eyeliner, in brown, that was my goal for the day! We wandered through Debenhams and into the "beauty hall" and started browsing. I squeeed over the new Benefit counter (I have an obsession, what can I say!) and then stopped by Urban Decay. They had some awesome eyeshadow palettes with some really bold, striking colours in them, and the counter woman offered to do my eyes for me, so I could see how they looked on my skin.

Bonus! I said yes of course, well, why not. I tried out Fishnet and Ransom, two brilliantly pigmented purples.
While she was doing my eyes, the lady commented that I had really good skin. Without sounding conceited, this isn't the first time a counter lady has said this, at the Benefit counter in Leeds Boots they said the same thing, but I never take them seriously! They're there to sell products, and I just hear a ploy to sell me something. Am I being silly? Maybe they genuinely think I have great skin (a thousand thank yous to Lush skincare if so!). I just find it hard to trust the opinion of someone who's job is to sell.

I ended up getting two things from Urban Decay - the eyeshadow palette I tried, and a set of super bright eyeliner pencils. Then I swung by the Gosh cosmetics rack, and grabbed some more eyeliners. Let's just say, I've enough eye colours to last me a long long while now, especially considering my recent purchase from Coastal Scents *blush*
I also noticed a small small sign on the Urban Decay counter. They're doing a makeup evening, where the counter people help you learn which colours work for you, help improve your application techniques and so on. It costs €40 for the evening, which is then redeemable against UD cosmetics purchases on the night. I'm very tempted, but then, can I trust them to tell me the truth...

I've always been interested in make-up, and I've recently become the make-up artist for a friend of mine. He's started doing drag, and needed some help in the "face" department, so I stepped up and volunteered. It's been a lot of fun, and I'm really enjoying the process each week, using bold colours, trying out new things, and it's made me more creative with my own style at the same time, so much so, that I buy mad eyeshadow palettes with insane colours in, and actually consider wearing them outside the house! Stay tuned for my Pride look, something a bit special for the parade! :)