Friday, October 24, 2008

Etsy shopping goodness!

Today I have been spending money in a virtual way (sadly, it's real money I'm spending!). Firstly I bought some things on Freckled Nest:

A 6x6 album, a tiny photobooth album, and a minibook it! Very cute, can't wait for them to arrive, as with all my Freckled Nest purchases! While I'm here, I should mention that they are having a 50% sale this weekend - Friday 24th October to Tuesday 28th, so if there's anything you've had your eye on, now's the time to buy! The shop can be found at:

I've also been checking out ideas for advent calendars, and figuring out what I want to make (because I know I want a personal one, not a generic cheap chocolate job from the supermarket!) I think the idea we love the most so far is something along the lines of the project shown in this blog. I think we're going to put magnets on the back, and use the fridge as the "base" for the calendar! We're also going to take half the boxes each and fill them, so that we get a surprise every other day! :) So I'm also on the hunt for some small fun little things to hide in boxes, any ideas gratefully received!

Lush have also announced the winners of the forum vote for fragrances, and there are at least three that we want, and they all come with matching body lotions! *drools* so .. ouch! Credit card spending ahoy.

Of course add to this that we're in the throws of moving (and so far, nothing, absolutely nothing, is packed!), trying to organise to be without internet for the shortest time possible in the new house, and Rach and I have had a killer cold this week, and well, we're having a real fun time of it at the moment! But once we settle into the new house it's going to be amazing. Christmas is coming up, we're hoping to have a tree for the first time in years! We're also looking at using the deposit on our old house to buy ourselves a cheap run around since we're moving further out of the city. It's going to be well used I think!

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

New shoes!

I've always hated buying shoes, I have size 9 feet (UK size) and in general, ladies shoes stop at an 8. Very few are made bigger, and generally, the "old lady" styles, the kind you often see advertised in the colour supplement of the Sunday newspaper .. you know the ones I mean!

Anyway, since moving to Ireland, I have been rather blessed, the local cheap shoe shop (ie fashion styles that only last the season they're fashionable in, if you're lucky!) actually stock their entire ladies range in a size 9! I can buy any shoes I want, and cheaply, and I love it!

These are my latest buy, they're a lot like a pair of Vans I really wanted (but predictably couldn't get in my size) so I'm happy with that. They won't last, and I know they won't, but they only cost €20, so it's no real loss.

I'm also working on a small fun project, which is vaguely work related. We have a halloween fancy dress competition every year, and this year I'm in charge of making part of the costumes for our team. I need to find a way to create speech bubbles for each of us, and attach them to us. Requires some logical thinking!